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2/5/04 - UPDATE: This site is pretty old now and hasn't been updated in a very long time. I am planning on hopefully renovating this site sometime soon with a whole new look, title, artwork, and hopefully make it to easier to navigate. Many of the older pieces will be removed and newer improved artwork added. Please check back soon.

Welcome to Misti's Fantasy & Fine Art Gallery. This site was created to showcase the artwork of Misti Turner. She is currently tryng to start her career as a freelance artist. Misti creates her artwork in different mediums such as pencil, pen & ink, colored pencil, and paints. Her style ranges from sketches to semi-realistic.

To purchase items featuring her artwork, such as Stationery, Greeting Cards, CD Coloring Books, etc, or to request commissions or custom art please visit the STOREFRONT in the links to the right. Thanks.


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4/24/02 - New artwork to be added soon.