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About the Artist:

Misti Turner is 27 yrs. old and has been happily married for 7 years. She is currently working as a part-time freelance artist. Her main interest is fantasy art, but also creates other subjects as well, such as portraits, landscapes, etc. Her preferred mediums are pencil, pen & ink, and colored pencils, but she also works with other mediums as well.

She owns a 1979 Firebird Formula, and is in the process of restoring it. She loves animals, reading (Stephen King - The Dark Tower series and Terry Brooks - Shannara, especially Voyage are her favorite authors and books), old cars, creating artwork, and playing video games (Chrono Cross, Legacy of Kain, and Shadow Hearts are her favorites).

She has been drawing ever since she was very young. One of her biggest Influences is her oldest sister, who is also an artist. Her artwork has been published in several various magazines, e-books, coloring books, stationery, and as rubber stamps.


Contact the Artist:

Got a question, comment, or criticism for the artist or about her artwork? Interested in commissions or purchasing art? Please feel free to contact her through email, message board or guestbook. NO SPAM MAIL PLEASE!


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